Zane Belcusas, also known as the "Beast Hunter" is a member of the Dragon Slayers. He is one of the four primary protagonists of Hero Fable.


Zane is a tall, muscular man with red eyes, teal-colored hair, pale skin, and thick eyebrows. His most prominent facial features are the lightningbolt-shaped scar over his left eye and the black tribal tattoos over both his shoulders and arms.

Zane's main outfit is a sleeveless, dark-brown leather jacket with a dark-blue shirt, sports dark-green cargo pants, and tall black boots.


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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Thunderous: Zane's signature power, which he possesses great mastery. It grants him the ability to control and generate lightning magic, being skillful enough to increase his physical capabilities and augment his strength and speed to extraordinary heights.


Jotunheim: Zane's signature weapon; a seven-foot twin scythe which he channels using lightning energy.


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