Talon Griffion, also known as "Talon the Fireball" is leader of the Dragon Slayers and an Adventurer. He is a Beast Hero and his power is called the Dragon Flame. He is the main protagonist of the series Hero Fable.


Talon has amber eyes and messy brown hair with tanned skin and abnormally sharp canines. He is fairly muscular and has an overall, well-developed physique. His most common trait is the large scar above his right eyebrow left hidden by his bangs.

He is commonly seen wearing a sleeveless, dark-red hooded tunic with a short-sleeved black shirt, maroon wristbands, a brown leather belt, long black trousers, high-calf brown boots, and his trademark goggles are worn over his neck.


Talon is a headstrong, reckless, and carefree young man with an apparent lack of common sense.


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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Dragon Flame: A Beast Hero Magic and Talon's own power which gives his body all the characteristics belonging to a dragon and the ability to control flames.


  •  Talon is the first Beast Hero to appear in the series.